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Slurry Magnetic Separator Pilot-For Japanese Customer


Slurry Magnetic  Separator Pilot-For Japanese Customer

Due to our customers confidence in us,upon their request,we made the second oil-cooling slurry magnetic separator for their test purpose in Japan,last year we fabricated the first pilot for them with a body dia. of 1,500mm,after testing process ,satisfied with its excellent porformance,the client asking us for the second one with a dia. of 2,500mm,we expect its outstanding performance will bring more surprise to our Japanese client. Fig.1. Finished Slurry Magnetic Separator Pilot-(sandblasted surface) Fig.2. Bottom Left:Magnetic Coils(to generate ideal magentic force, pure copper coils are required) Fig.3.Bottom Right:  Magnetic Induction & Seal Test -to simulate actual working conditions,transformer oil is used as the circulating media,since the inner circulating oil loops are very complicated,oil test can prevent some serious sequence like oil leakage or poor weldings in advance.