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Calcium Hydroxide

Calcium Hydroxide Powder
Calcium Hydroxide Powder
Calcium Hydroxide Powder
Calcium Hydroxide Warehouse
Calcium Hydroxide
Product Name : Calcium Hydroxide
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Calcium Hydroxide

Product Description

Hydrated Lime also known as Calcium Hydroxide and Slaked Lime, represented by the chemical formula Ca(OH)2, is a compound created by mixing calcium oxide with water. 

The result is a crystal white power with strong alkaline properties.

The calcium hydroxide has a vast array of usage. It is used in waste water treatment, drinking water purification, sugar refining, manufacture of medicines, manufacture of animal feeds, manufacture of bleach, leather tanning, the manufacture of hair products, in the dental industry, food manufacturing, sewage treatment, sterilization, animal dips, coal processing, lime mortar, white wash, paints, road construction, etc.

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Water Treatment Grade

Premium Industrial grade

Calcium hydroxide %



Fe %



MgO %



Al2O3 %



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Magnesium & Alkali %



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45um Test Screen %




Fine and smooth crystal white powder, a little alkaline taste, Absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air to forming calcium carbonate. Burning up to the highest temperatures52º Celsius to dehydrate the water to forming calcium oxide. Relative density 2.24, Melting point 5800C (dehydrating water), Dissolve in acid, salt, glycerin. Difficult to dissolve in water: (0.6g/200ml, 200C, strongly alkaline, pH value 12.4). Not dissolve in alcohol, the aqueous solution is alkaline.

Product Application

Used in the carbon dioxide and other acidic gases, absorber agent, disinfectant gent, antiacid agent, buffering agent, neutralizing agent, hardening agent;
Used in waste water treatment, Power plant desulfurization, Putty powder, Chemical additive and other lines. calcium hydroxide Content divided into three series: 

1、80%-90% calcium hydroxide

2、90%-93% calcium hydroxide

3、above95% calcium hydroxide  fineness is 325um (sieving rate).

Calcium hydroxide is widely used in production and life. Can use slaked lime and sand mixed brick, lime stucco; lime painted on the trees containing sulfur powder, etc., can protect trees, prevent frostbite, and prevent insect eggs; preparation of concrete; agriculture with lime milk and copper sulfate solution prepared with the bactericidal effect of Bordeaux mixture as pesticides. To change the acidity and alkalinity of the soil will be the right amount of lime into the soil, can neutralize the acidity, change the acidity and alkalinity of the soil, easy crop survival. Food additive sodium hydroxide, bleaching powder.


Packing & Delivery

Packaging DetailsComposite plastic woven bag,25kg/bag,1MT/bag.(with or without pallet).

Delivery: Shipped in 15 days after payment

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Calcium hydroxide can also be used in the production of calcium carbonate, epichlorohydrin, epoxy propane, bleaching powder, bleaching powder, disinfectants, anti acid agents, astringent, water softener, soil acid inhibitor, depilating agent, buffering agent, neutralizing agent, curing agent and other drugs; used in rubber, oil chemical additives, such as oil industrial added in lubricating oil, can prevent coking, sludge deposition and corrosion. Calcium hydroxide has many little-known function, the application is very extensive, welcomed the consultation

Packing & Delivery

Our regular packing is 25 kg, 50 kg and ton bag, but we can customize the package for you, welcome to order.

Our MOQ is 1'FCl container,  if you need the samples,  pls pay for freight in advance, we will return to you after you place an order to us,  or we can use DHL collected.


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