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Magnetic Grate (Food Grade SS)

Magnetic Grate (Food Grade SS)
Product Name : Magnetic Grate (Food Grade SS)

Magnetic Grate Food Grade SS

Product Description
Baffles can guide material flow across the strong magnetic field to improve the efficiency of removing contaminations.

1. 304 or 316L stainless steel are available for pipeline material which have a good corrosion resisting property without and less pollution.
2. Standard magnetic grates are assembled with stainless steel frame and magnetic bars with a length of 25 mm diameter.
3. The surface of the frame and magnetic bar can be fine polished and meet the standard of food or pharmacy industry.
4.Standard working temperature≤80
℃, and maximum working temperature can reach 350℃ as required.
5. Normal (N style), Easy-cleaning (E style), grate with angle baffles or rod are available.

Magnetic Grate is for removing ferrous contamination from store holders, drawers and hoppers.
Please be aware that these grates are designed for low-abrasion materials.

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